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Monday, June 14, 2010

G35 Top Secret Both Versions

The engine's of these 2 Beasts are again on, ready to race on the Wangan. Well of course I did a litle Turn on the wangan to still see if they drive, and yes I drove 319,8 km/h and it wasn't on the max. Well Just see the pics we did meanwhile. This car won't be for sell.
-Smokey Nagata

Nissan Silvia S13 Top Secret

Our mechanics did finish this beautiful S13 with the beautiful Bodykit inspired by our S15 Bodykit, with the great work of our friend ''Easyman'', we did this beautiful engine. It is seted up for drifting, so of course our Drifter Yoichi Immamura drifted with this beautiful car and this is his comments :
''Well, when I hear S13, It is a nice car, and always good for drift but this car, wouw, very nice, it is good seted up, it could be better but for me it is enough''
So this car will maybe be for selling when we don't have any use for it.
-Smokey Nagata