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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Me,Smokey Nagata,and all the Top Secret Engineering Team wishes for you and everyone a Happy Entry into the year 2010 and a Happy Year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toyota Supra 0-300 Km/h Challenge

Well I just finished Rebuilding the Supra for the 0-300 Km/H challenge,It's still not 100% ready,but ready enough for the challenge.So Of course an RB26DET Engine With Amost 1000 HP,It has a Trust 6 Speed DriveTrain.

Ok this are pics of the Challenge.First of course I start with a Burnout to warm up my tires.
Then after Reaching our goal,reached 318 KM/H.
But I continued and it reached 353 KM/H,more then enough.
See you later . Mr. Smokey Nagata.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Top Secret [Drift]

Our Mechanics Made This 450HP Evo IX for our Driver Yoichi Imamura to Drift.Yoichi Took it for a Driver and he self says :''This is an Awesome Car,I had good control of it,I can't Complain''.
So We just wait for the other cars. See you another day.

-Smokey Nagata

Infiniti G35 Top Secret = インフィニティG35トップシークレット IS BACK!

HAHA YEY G35 TOP SECRET IS BACK GUYS,and with the right Skin :D
I got the skin from a TOP SECRET friend =p
Haha well,so What did I continue on it,so First I puted the right sets of wheels,then edited them,took me an half hour,then puted a GTR sign on Front Bumper and Trunk,took me 10-15 min,then also Skin Uv-mapping took me almost an hour,then I puted new Rear Lights,took me 30 min,then new steering wheel,took me 10 min,then also a TOP SECRET decal on the Dash,took me 30 min,cuz of the Paint adjusting.So that's pretty much what I did now,Still a loooot to do on it,like new Engine,Still Continue Interior,still maybe some decals on window and that.So See ya Later.
So here First Pic without ENB cuz idk,looks so fuckin smooth,look like GTA IV xD
K so now With ENB,hah here still in the Garage,optimising it by Keisuke and Smokey Nagata :p
The Rear of it.
A litle view on the hood.
Front Bumper and of course in the middle the GTR Badge :p
The Wheels that took me 30 min
Side of the Car to see the Decals Perfection :)
D1GP and BANNER :p
The Top Secret Sticker on the Dash ;)
Why now also GTR on the Mats :p

New rear Lights,LED baby ;p
I just love to make pics like theese,where u just see 1 light infront.
Stock Engine,still looking for the right one :p
Ofc same on the Rear
Turn the Engine on and let's go for a Wangan Ride.

A quick overall View of Interior with the New Steering Wheel.

Garage Door opened and let's go.
A Quick Fast Start to let some tire marks on the ground!
Quick Burnout,Smokey Nagata Style :p
Ok Direction ->Wangan

Already 177 km/h on it,but he won't go faster cause of police ^^

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