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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

V35 Top Secret

Alright, I finally took some time to take pics of it ;) So what is different from this version to the one before :
- New Rims from FM3
- New Steering Wheel & Seats
- Stack Gauge scratched by me
- New Headlights by me
- New Taillights by me with scratched LED ;P
- New Numberplate texture
And that was pretty much it :) So enjoy the pictures (:

And here are 2 pics with DR1FTEE's new Sleeve pack, with his own made Colormod setting and ENB ! What you think about it guys?

Friday, May 13, 2011

V12 Supra 400Kph Nardo

Yes finallly, after all these months, I could finally achieve a decent V12 Supra :) though it still have few fails and things to fix, I rather stop here and say the car done.
So what have I done to it, well I edited the front lights, had to rescratch it almost completely new, then also few fixes on the front bumper. Also a new Numberplate same like the one it uses by Smokey.
On the rear I edited the rear bumper a bit more, looks better then before though I can be better, but I have no time to do more. Then I edited the Rear Lights, putted some LEDs and worked on the RearLights Body.
And instead of having that crappy 2JZ Engine in it, I took a picture and used that as the engine texture for it, so now it has a V12 Century Engine in it ;) Like how it should be done !
On the interior worked a lot. Mainly a lot of scratch things, new seats, new Shift Stick which I had to scratch. Putted the 2 fcons in it. And then also the Défi Super Sports Clutcher Gauge :)
That's all xD I hope you enjoyed it ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Found the Top Secret Garage in Google Street View

While cruising in the Internet, I was talking to RTF and he gave me a link of a site which uses the Web Archiving, so you can acces to older archieves of a specific site, so I tried the Top Secret site of course, so it worked and it showed me archieves of 2001 ! And when I checked that , I saw the Address of its garage, so I tried that and yes, found the garage :D So happy now, you can't imagine guys ;) If you want the link(coords) just say it on the shoutbox and I'll put that in it ;D
And now enjoy the pics ;)
In the Pics you can the G35 and the G37 Clearly, also the March Cup and a R34 and many many other cars.

Here in this one you see Supras,Stage an R33 and an Evo 6, and behind its Truck and other cars and utility Vehicles.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toyota Top Secret Supra 0-300 Challenge

So here's the Supra ;) Bad ass supra with an RB26 Engine which makes this doing 1000HP ! Top Speed until now is 402 km/h. Maybe me & the Garage are going to do a video later of it.
Anyways enjoy the pictures ;D