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Monday, January 17, 2011

Found the Top Secret Garage in Google Street View

While cruising in the Internet, I was talking to RTF and he gave me a link of a site which uses the Web Archiving, so you can acces to older archieves of a specific site, so I tried the Top Secret site of course, so it worked and it showed me archieves of 2001 ! And when I checked that , I saw the Address of its garage, so I tried that and yes, found the garage :D So happy now, you can't imagine guys ;) If you want the link(coords) just say it on the shoutbox and I'll put that in it ;D
And now enjoy the pics ;)
In the Pics you can the G35 and the G37 Clearly, also the March Cup and a R34 and many many other cars.

Here in this one you see Supras,Stage an R33 and an Evo 6, and behind its Truck and other cars and utility Vehicles.

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  1. What are the coords please? And also what is their new website? doesent work anymore...